What a Year it has been. As We start Our new year with the same old New Year New Me, How about We do something We can actually accomplish !

Like making small changes around the house, I know for me I look around and think how can I re-vamp things to make them look pretty and new?

Well to start with let’s talk about Our bathrooms. Is your tub looking like it has seen better days? Is the corking around your tub looking dirty ?

How about the grout ? Did you know for not a lot of money You can change the entire look of Your bathroom! How You ask????

Well Bathtub Reglazing is a cost effective way to make your bathtub look brand new. We can reglaze it to the color you have or We can totally change the color . We can also remove all old grout and re-grout the surrounding walls , AND GET THIS , WE CAN ALSO CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR WALL TILES!